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General (11 FAQs)

Just click on ‘Join‘ in the upper right corner and insert your email address, a username and a password you like to use. Then click 'Create my account' and you are good to go!
Sure, click on the ‘Join‘ button and select the blue ‘Sign up with Facebook‘ button.
The use of mundolore is free. You can create an account and use all basic features for free.
Yes, you can browse the complete mundolore public library and the 'Highlights of the month' section. If you want to browse the mini guides ad-free, create guides, plan trips or interact with mini guides, you need to sign up for a free account.
Not at the moment. In the future we are planning to expand to other languages.
'mundo' is the Spanish word for world and 'lore' means stories/knowledge. We want to serve a community of travellers from all around the globe that share their stories and knowledge about the amazing places of the world.
No, mundolore is a community uniting travellers from all over the world to share their travel stories and knowledge about their favourite places, and tips with fellow travellers. The mini travel guides contain information about sightseeing places such as architectural or historical facts, but also fun facts. All content is generated by the users focusing on aspects they deem interesting or important without any claim of completeness. Content published by any user may include emotions, judgments, and personal stories.
We offer a free version of the mundolore mini travel guides service. In order to do so, we need to generate some revenue which we can put back into better mundolore features and services in the future. The Premium version is ads free.
If you love travelling and exploring places, mundolore is for you. You get an easy and fun tool for your sightseeing planning. mundolore mini guides are short and clearly structured so that you can choose the information that interests you, like history, architecture, activities, and much more. Find invaluable inspiration from fellow travellers from all over the world. Plan your next trip in minutes with our trip planner. And there is nothing easier than creating your own guides. Inspire others, share your tips and information about the places you’ve been. You can also share your mini guides with friends, even if they are not a mundolore user. Or, you use the mini guides as your personal travel diary to keep your precious memories.
Absolutely. We highly encourage travel bloggers to join the community. Your mini guides can link to two of your social profiles (or your blog) which increases your visibility and traffic. Your (public) bio can contain up to 4 social sites to promote your work. You can also share your guides with your community via link share (for email newsletters, DMs, etc), FB share and Twitter share. And you can allow other mundolore users to share your guides with their friends and community to even broaden your reach.
mundolore works on all standard bowsers. The layout differs between the browsers and mundolore is heavily tested for Chrome and we recommend using this to be on the safe side.
Account (8 FAQs)

Mini guides (14 FAQs)

To create a mini travel guide, you have to be signed in. You can create a mini guide using one of the following options: Click the ‘Create guide‘ button in the main navigation bar. Another option is to click on one of the ’+ Guide’ buttons on the overview cards for places, cities or landscapes.
A lore is a category of your mini guide about a certain topic, e.g. Nature, Architecture, History, Activities.
Of course, there is always the option to e.g. update with more/less information or correct typos. On each mini guide you’ve created you see a small pencil next to your user photo. Click on the pencil and you can edit your mini guide. Once you're happy with the updates, click on 'publish'
This is possible if you are in the edit mode for a mini guide. On the right lower corner you find the ‘Delete guide‘ button. However, please take into account that there might be users who love your guide or even use your guide for travel planning. If you delete your guide, your fellow travellers will also not be able to use it anymore. Also take into account that we delete this mini guide from the mundolore database, but we cannot control anything beyond the mundolore database, e.g. if the guide was shared on Facebook.
Public mini guides are shown in our mundolore public library so that other users can read, bookmark, like, etc. your mini guide. The visibility of a private mini guide is limited to you. When should/can I use private guides? For example, if you haven’t finished a mini guide yet, and want to save a draft version or if you want to add private notes that are not meant for the public to see. The amount of private guides is limited, as the mundolore philosophy is to be an open travel community. However, if you wish the option to create more private guides, we will release a premium version for a small fee in the near future.
A private mini guides is labelled with a closed lock symbol on the right side of your user photo.
Go to your account in the upper right corner and choose ‘My guides' from the drop-down menu.
On each site, you’ll see a magnifying glass, click there and type in the name of the place you are looking for.
On all pages showing mini guides, the filter options are shown on the left hand side. Once you’ve selected your choices (multiple filters possible), click on the button ‘Apply Filters‘. All guides matching these filters will be shown. You can also decide to see the guides in a special order (’Sort’). By default, you will see those guides that received the most likes. If you prefer to go back to the default filter/sort option, click on ‘reset filters‘.
On each guide, there is the round user photo of the author in the middle. If you click on that image, you will see all the public information about the author.
On each mini guide, wether your own or a mini guide created by a fellow user, you see the bookmark, share, luggage and heart sign. Bookmark: Saves the guide to your favourites and can be found back under 'My bookmarks‘. Share: Share a mini guide with your Facebook and Twitter followers, or use a link to share via email, WhatsApp, etc.. Luggage: Add any guide to one of your trips. Heart: If you like a mini guide from another author, you can show your appreciation by clicking the heart. You can’t like your own guides. In addition, the pencil, to edit your mini guide, shows up on your own guides.
Of course. You can share your public and even your private guides with your friends, even if they are no mundolore user. Let them know about your adventures or inspire them. You can choose for each of your guides whether others can share it, too, or not.
Although our database is growing every day, there might be places that are not yet there. We are always happy if you want to add something new, therefore, please submit a place request. The place request can be submitted using the blue button ‘Place request‘ on the mini guide creation page that you reach with a click on '+ Guide'. Once we will receive the completed form, we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.
Trip planner (1 FAQs)

Absolutely, our trip planner is one of the core features of mundolore. You can create trips and add any mini guide to any of your trips. Create a day-by-day itinerary by assigning dates to the mini guides. You can also keep your past trips and enjoy these memories over and over. We will soon add many more features to the trip planner.
Mobile (5 FAQs)

Currently there is no Android App available. But we certainly plan on expanding this service for Android users as well. For the time being, please use the web-based but fully mobile-responsive version on your smartphone.
An internet connection is a requirement.
No, all information is the same. The layout might differ slightly to guarantee the best possible user experience on mobile with a dedicated mobile-responsive version.
Yes, it does. The web-based version of mundolore, that you find on, is fully mobile-responsive. We are currently also working on an iOS App for iPhones and iPads.
We are currently working full steam on an iPhone App, which will be released shortly.
Collaboration, Advertising & Guest blogging (3 FAQs)

Yes, we do. In return we offer high visibility on the mundolore front page and the opportunity to promote your blog to a highly engaged travel community on our social profiles.
Yes, this is possible. For more information please contact with your product information, website, and conception of adverts.
Yes, we are open to collaboration. Please send your collaboration suggestion to and we will get back to you.